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P5 – Friendship Wall

DSCF9595 (2)In P5 this term our Science topic has been looking at investigating what makes things float. We have really enjoyed doing lots of experiments with water to learn about how shape, density and up thrust affect an object’s buoyancy.

This term we have also started a Friendship Wall. Every Monday we pick a ‘Secret Friend’, to keep an eye on for the rest of the week and on a Friday we write down one thing we have noticed our friend making a huge effort with.

Welcome from P3C

p3c bones

Welcome to P3C. We like singing Fischy songs and enjoy working on the laptops and iPads. We like to work hard and be creative.

We have loved learning about the human body. In the photo you can see our class skeleton called John. We can name lots of bones in the human body. Did you know that your ribs protect the lungs and your heart? The biggest bone in the body is your femur which is at the top of your leg and your kneecap is called the patella. If you ask us we can tell you lots of facts about our organs too.