P2F – Teeth Brushing

No more Nasties – Brush your Teeth!


Your teeth need to be cleaned really well every day. This is because germs in your mouth grow on your teeth and around your gums every day. If you keep your teeth clean and healthy you’ll avoid things like tooth decay, tooth ache bleeding gums and bad breath.

We brush our teeth 3 times a day in P2. Once in the morning after breakfast, once in school, and before bedtime. We have Toothbrush Monitors each week who rinse the brushes and put them away.

Did you know?

Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every 3 months. And change it even sooner if the bristles are frayed!

Choose Tooth Friendly Foods!

  • Finish a meal with a drink of water – this washes your teeth and mouth.
  • Choose tap water as a drink. It is tooth-friendly and your body likes it too. Don’t have lots of fizzy drinks, especially ones that contain sugars and acids. These can cause tooth decay.
  • Milk and cheese are tooth-friendly foods. They contain minerals, which will help to repair tooth enamel.