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A Big Thank You

Dear Parent and Carers,

Thank you for all your support this term for our various events. These have been well supported and it has been good to see so many parents and carers in school.
Events this term have been:

Fastworks                                 Family Literacy                                      Bedtime Stories
Book Fair                                 World Book Day                              Consultation Meetings
Assemblies                        ICT to enhance learning                          P3 Numeracy Project

Our latest event organised by the PCA, was the fundraising Spring into Craigroyston. This again was well supported with many of the children and parents taking part. A total of £543.25 was raised during the morning. A huge thank you to the PCA for all their hard work in raising these funds to support our children.

I am very conscious that this term parents and carers have been asked to support the school by spending cash. The parents and carers of this school are very generous of their support, their time and their money.
I know too, that the school community is a very thoughtful group and is keen to support many causes.

This Friday is Red Nose Day. Again parents and carers have been incredibly generous and have raised £250 from the sale of Red Noses. On Friday we will support Red Nose Day by having an assembly. At the assembly we will learn more about sharing and helping others. The children can wear their Red Noses or something red for the day. Please do not buy anything “special” for the children to bring / wear on Friday. They do not need any money.

You have spent over £2000 buying books, raising funds, buying noses…
Thank you again for all your generosity this term. You have been amazing.

Lorna Stewart

Christmas Dates


2nd December

Assembly for P1 – P3 (9.00am)

3rd December

School Fair 10.00am – 2.00pm

6th December

P6 and P7 at NEA Primary School Musical

Afternoon performance of Nativity at 1.45pm

7th December

Evening Peformance of Nativity at 6.00pm

8th December

Panto in school

FAST Celebration

13th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P3 (with Parents, held in school)

P3 and P4 Christmas Lunch

14th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P2 (with Parents, held in school)

P3 to NEA

P1 and P2 Christmas Lunch

P4 and P5 Christmas Party

P6 and P7 to the High School

15th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P1 (with Parents, held in school)

P6 and P7  Christmas Afternoon /Party

19th December

P5 Filmhouse to see Trolls

P3 Party

20th December

P5, P6 and P7 Christmas Lunch

P2 Party

21st December

Nursery AM Party

Nursery PM Party

P1 Party

22nd December

School closes 12.00 Noon