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Burns Day in the Nursery

The children really enjoyed celebrating Burns Day with lots of Scottish storytelling and Scottish dancing with our P7 buddies.  We sang and did the actions of the Scottish version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Hied, Shooders, Knaps and Taes).

We sang our song of the week –  “Coulter’s Candy” (Ally Bally Bee) which we had been practising at home and also ate the “Tattie soup” we made in the nursery with one of our parent helpers, Jane.


Primary 7’s Big Adventure

P7 Blog- Summer Term from CCHS

Before we returned from the Easter holidays we knew we were not going back to Craigroyston Primary School.

Moving to Craigroyston High school was difficult at first because it was different but we have got used to it after a while. It’s better because we have got some equipment and have our work so we can catch up on things. The little ones had trouble at the start because all the bigger ones are here but it got easier and they got used to it.

It was sad was when we found out that we would never be going back to Craigroyston Primary School before we start secondary school.

It’s not really going to be a big change for us moving to High School because we are staying here until summer and after the summer holidays we will be starting here. We are still looking forward to coming here as it will be a change moving from class to class and we will be making new friends and meeting new teachers.

Since we moved here we found a lot of differences and most of them were good. We got a lot of new things to learn but most of them shouldn’t be too tricky with all the support. We have been learning division and other subjects. We have been working a lot on our profiles for high school. We have also been on a recent trip to the Risk Factory as part of our Keeping Myself Safe topic, we had an amazing time.Image result for risk factory

Besides planning our work sheets we have been thinking about our Qualie and what we could plan for this amazing night.

We have got a lot of trips coming up and we have just been to see a musical called Mary Poppins. It was amazing the P6&7 went to see it. When we arrived we got to draw chalk drawings as part of the start project.Image result for mary poppins edinburgh 2016

Next week P7 will be attending the Spartans Olympics with the others schools as part of a competition. This will be a great fun day out and time to see who we will be going to High school with next year.


Amaan and Sophie

Primary 7

P7 – Responsible Citizens


Welcome to Primary 7, our class are very proud of the role we play at Craigroyston Primary School.  We stand out from the rest of the school because of our jade jumpers, they represent that we are responsible citizens who carry out many important tasks in the school.

We have house captains wear special badges, they help their house celebrate success with parties each term.

If you see us wearing red caps and vests it shows we are playground buddies, we are specially trained playground assistants who ensure that no one is left out in our playground and everyone has a fun game to play.

Alongside all our responsibilities we also have time for lots of fun and learning.  This year we have visited and been visited by the Festival and Kings theatre, we made our own news report at Sky Studios, , we have learned about our environment and the wider world by visiting the zoo, with a visit from the zoo bus, a visit from The Dogs Trust and the SSPCA.

We also work closely with our community partners and have been visited by Spartans Football Club who carried out training as part of the School of Football, The Community Police to help keep us safe and we have worked closely with Fettes College who visit us through Place 2 Be.

You can see Primary 7 are very busy but we still have managed to squeeze in a trip to camp.  This year we went to Lochgoilhead where we took part in lots of walking and water sports.

Primary 7 are always on the go.