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P4S – Teacher update 26/3/20

Hi Everyone,

I hope you and your families are staying safe and staying home.  This has been a strange couple of weeks, stranger than lots of stories we have read.  I have seen lots of people suggesting that we keep a diary about it so we can tell others in the future about the year 2020.

You should all have your packs of work.  These are to help you at home and give you ideas of activities you can do.  Well done to those who have started their Sumdog challenge.  Remember you can play with others in the class so if you can arrange this you can have some distance interaction.

Bug Club is new to us, but I see some of you have already had a go at reading some of the books and trying out the quizzes.

Don’t worry if you have not had a chance to start the pack, there have been so many amazing things online for you to watch and do.  I’m sure you’ve all been very busy.

Our Building Resilience task was to set a goal, as P4S I would like us to have the same goal based on our novel ‘Wonder’.  We heard the precept about choosing to be kind.  Keep practising this in your home, think about one extra kind thing you can do each day.  Help put the dishes away or phone a family member you can’t see just now.

One game we have been playing in my house is ‘Stop the Bus’.  You can come up with your own categories.  Have fun playing against someone in your house.

Be in touch soon.

Mrs Stevenson x

P4R Teacher update 26/3/20

Hello P4R,

Miss Robertson here! It’s so good to be able to write to you. I am missing you all lots and was gutted I couldn’t see you last week. I hope you are all doing okay, I am thinking of you lots. You are all such caring, upbeat pupils who always brightened up my day in the classroom. So now, I guess the time has come for you to brighten up your wee world at home.

You all know how much I love Harry Potter and during this time at home I’ve been re-reading some of my favourite parts of the books. Harry Potter is a story of a seemingly ordinary boy who goes through some difficult circumstances before finding out he has the power to save the world. Funnily enough, all of us now are finding out we have the power to step up and become heroes just by staying at home, washing our hands and keeping ourselves and our family happy.

This is a very strange time for us all so make sure you are trying your best to be extra kind to whoever is at home with you. There is no pressure to do lots of tasks and keep up with work as if we were still in school. However, I would encourage you to keep reading books/listening to stories/ trying to do an activity that keeps your mind sharp each day. Remember, you can never get bored if you go into your imagination and let it guide you. Having read all of your stories this year, I certainly know you have this superpower within you! Speaking of which, since we are all stuck inside, I have a task for you all to let your minds travel wherever they please. 

‘The Teleporter’

I want to challenge you all to write a story about our class, imagining we found a teleporter in our classroom and it took us to a different location! It could take us anywhere in the world, onto another planet, back or forward in time or perhaps even a magical land (You know that’s where I would go!).  Remember the writing techniques we have learnt; to use your senses, Word Boost words, similes, metaphors or alliteration. Most importantly, have fun with it! Let yourself enjoy thinking of what our class gets up to in this far off place. You can send your pieces to  for me to read… Maybe I’ll even take part as well! 

Good luck, stay safe and I will speak to you all soon. 

Miss Robertson

“Logic can take you from A to B but imagination can take you anywhere!” 

– Albert Einstein.