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Primary 4S Trip to the Cinema

Today P4S went on an outing to the Vue cinema at the Omni centre to watch The Good Dinosaur.Staff were impressed with the good behaviour and everyone had a great time!

“The film was amazing!” Ava

“It was exciting!” Rehema

“It was fun!” Aiden

“There were sad and happy parts,” Zach

We reviewed the film when we got back to school.  P4S came to the conclusion that the overall message was to be resilient and keep on going even when things seem hard. We gave the film 5 stars!

P4 – Water of Leith Trip

water of leith

As part of our science topic on ‘Water’ we went on a trip to the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. Our workshop was called ‘Active Citizens-Sustainable Rivers’. We had the opportunity to use the interactive exhibition, walk through the woodlands, go river dipping, and make a water mill out of junk.

We learned how we can look after our rivers, explored the biodiversity of the woodlands. We also thought about pollution and flooding.

We really enjoyed our trip and would recommend it to other classes.