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P6P Teacher update 03/04/20

Hi P6P,

I hope you are all well and have been keeping safe!

We have been doing lots of cooking and baking in my house to keep busy as little Louie is now eating real food! I have been trying out lots of different recipes which has been lots of fun. Have you been helping out with the cooking at home? Now would be a great time to help your family and also learn how to make your favourite meal. As you can see even Louie has been helping out in the kitchen:

Stay safe and keep being kind and helpful (I know you will be)!

Mrs Young

P6P Teacher update 26/3/20

Hi P6P!

I hope you are all well, staying safe and having fun! It has been a very strange week not seeing you all every day. I am missing all your smiley faces!

I hope you have been enjoying the home learning tasks in your packs. Remember though, tasks such as helping cook a meal, tidying up, playing a board/card game with your family or reading a book are all learning too!

I have loved seeing how many of you have already taken part in this week’s Sumdog challenge! I will make sure to put up a new one starting on Monday – it might even have some more questions in it!

I am sure that by now, you must be pretty bored of doing TikTok dances, so why don’t you try searching ‘The Body Coach’ on youtube, and doing a PE workout? Remember sweating is good! It means you’re working hard!!

In our class, we are all very good at thinking about how we can take care of our planet. On Saturday, it’s Earth Hour. This is a global event where people all over the world switch off their lights at 8.30pm for 1 hour, to help look after Planet Earth. Why don’t you give it a try with your family?

I miss you all! Keep being kind and make sure you help others when you can!

Miss Presslie