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P6D Teacher update 03/4/20

Dear Primary 6D,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy and active. I’m missing school and all your faces and thinking of you all every day.

We did a fitness test a couple of weeks ago and you all worked very hard on the challenging exercises and there were lots of pink, glowing faces afterwards. We talked about those exercises being ones you can do anywhere as you don’t need any special equipment.  That turns out to be a good thing given that we are now hoping to keep fit from home! Here is a reminder of the exercises we did.  Try doing them 3 times a week if you can…

Press Ups

Sit Ups


Step Ups


Spotty Dogs

Jumping Jacks

Shuttle Runs

It’s good to vary the way you exercise so follow this link to find lots of fun ways to keep fit and get fitter…

I’ll look forward to hearing how you are all getting on and let me know which activities you find especially enjoyable! I like PE Bingo myself!

Remember to sleep well and rest well too people. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Matthews

P6D – Teacher update 26/3/20

Dear Primary 6D!

I hope you are all doing okay at home and are keeping yourselves busy! I have been looking at Sumdog and I am so happy to see that some of you have logged on and started the Spelling, Reading and Maths challenges that I have set for you. Well done!

There will be some days that you don’t have a lot of motivation to do your tasks, this is okay too. Here are some of my top tips:

  • Be helpful – find out where you can help around your house
  • Be kind – try and do something kind for someone each day while you’re at home.
  • Stay active – stay as active as you can, fresh air always helps. Try timing yourself running for 15 minutes or walking outside for 30.
  • Learn about what interests you – learn how to make Mac and Cheese and write it down, learn the lyrics to a Billie Eilish song and recreate it, create a new YouTube video different to those you have done so far and write to someone teaching them how to make their own, learn a new art style, draw cats! Make a chess board and play! And read, read, read!

New activity: Write a letter to the NHS thanking them for their hard work during this time or create a poster for the NHS or video yourself thanking the NHS.

You are all doing so well, and I know that you are all trying your best. I am always thinking of you and missing you all so much! I have included your last ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate to remind you of just how respectful, ambitious, resilient and empathetic you all are.

Keep up this great attitude. I will speak to you all again soon.

Miss Dunne.