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P5S Teacher update 03/04/20

Dear P5S,

Hello! How are you all? We have missed seeing you and hearing your news. This is a very strange time and we are all missing normality, routine and freedom but we hope you are still managing to have some

fun, learn and stay active.

What have Mrs Shaw & Mr Irwin been up to I hear you ask? Well then, let me show you …………

It is important to acknowledge how we feel in difficult times and it is OK to feel confusion, fear, frustration or worry.  However, it is also important to look after our mental health and find ways to help us feel better and stay positive.

Here are some things you could try …

  1. Every day say or write down something you are thankful for.
  2. Do something that makes you feel a sense of calm

(e.g. read, draw, yoga, mindful colouring, craft)

  • Go for a walk and notice what you can hear/see.
  • Talk to a friend or family member and make someone


  • Write a letter to somebody you haven’t seen for a few days. Tell them what you have been doing, something you are thankful for, something to make them smile, ask them some questions.

Take care of yourselves and your families and we will be in touch with you soon.  We miss you!

Mrs Shaw and Mr Irwin   x

P5S Teacher update 26/3/20

Hello to all of our lovely P5s pupils!

We hope you are all doing well and have been keeping busy, happy and active in these rather unusual times. Hopefully some of you will have managed to complete some of the tasks set in the home learning packs. Please don’t worry if there are some things which you are unsure or confused about, all you can do is try your best. The main thing is to try and keep reading and keep listening to stories. David Walliams is reading a story every day from The Worlds Worst Children, which can be downloaded from his website. Also, there are free audio books available on Audible. Give it a go if you can.

There is also the countdown maths game website, we would love to see any of your calculations when we return to school!! Pictures, cartoons and imaginative stories are all good fun activities too.

Joe Wicks is streaming fitness classes on his youtube channel “The Body Coach”. It is important to have fun and interactive PE sessions at home to help you feel positive and energised. It is great fun (and it gives you a break from screens!)

Finally, keep being brilliant P5s, be really helpful around the house and keep being kind to brothers and sisters!

Keep happy, stay well and don’t worry. Things will return to normal eventually.

Take care

Mrs Shaw and Mr Irwin

Text Box: Try writing your own short story or cartoon for one of The World’s Worst Children Characters!