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P1 Teacher update 03/04/20

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to write this message to say ‘hi’ and to let you know that I am thinking about you, and missing you a lot! 

Since I last saw you I have been doing some of my own learning at home, and also looking after my own girls, Emma and Sarah. Yesterday, we baked a banana cake together, and Sarah – who is also in Primary 1 – was practising her letter formation. She has been using the same letter cards as the ones you got in your Home Learning Pack. 

We then went out for our walk together and noticed lots of signs of spring; like daffodils and crocuses in gardens, and new leaves appearing on trees. Spring is my favourite time of year! 

Emma and Sarah have also been busy looking after their pet rabbits, Twitchy and Rainbow. They do this by feeding them rabbit food and hay, making sure they have plenty water, and spending lots of time with them. Unfortunately they leave me to do the yucky cleaning out part! 

I hope you are all staying well, having lots of fun and remembering to wash your hands 😊

Mrs Torrance x

P1A Teacher update 26/3/20

Hi P1A!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye last week. I have been thinking about you all and missing you lots. I have had an amazing year with you so far and have loved getting to know you and your families.

I am sitting at my desk at home with Alpha Dog. He says ‘hi’ to you all and is sending a big, warm, fluffy cuddle your way.

Text Box: I am sitting at my desk at home with Alpha Dog. He says ‘hi’ to you all and is sending a big, warm, fluffy cuddle your way.

I hope you are enjoying completing some of the tasks in your home learning packs. Please remember that these tasks are just a suggestion and I am not expecting you to get through them all. There are lots of other fun activities that you can do with your family, like reading a story, learning a new song or maybe dancing along to some of the videos on Our favourite in class is ‘Peanut Butter in a Cup’.

If you are looking for something to keep you busy, you could make a lovely rainbow like the ones below and display it in your window. Children across the UK have been drawing and painting colourful rainbows to cheer others up and to raise a smile while they spend more time inside. It would be fun spotting your classmates’ creations from your window or when you are out on a short walk.

Stay safe everyone and keep smiling!

Love Mrs Arnott