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ASL update 26th May 2020

For any learners in Literacy groups, who are revising sound, word & sentence level work, the ReadWriteInc phonics video lessons are restarting on YouTube, on Monday 1/6/20 at 9:30 a.m.
There are some new videos for word/sentence level work and for reading longer words.
If you are looking for a challenge, try the next level up!
If it’s too tricky, revise the level below.
We have several groups working at different levels, so general guidance is:

P2: Set 1 sounds/Read Red words 1
P3: Set 1 review/Set 2 sounds/Read Red words 1/Hold a Sentence 1
P4/5: Set 2 review/Set 3 sounds/Read Red words 2/ Hold a Sentence 1 & 2
P6/7: Set 3 sounds/ Read longer words/Read Red words 2/Hold a Sentence 2

 ruth_miskin_final_schedule_june_2020 part 2

ASL – Term 3 – Week 3

For any of our learners finding it difficult to understand our situation at the moment, we thought you may want to read these books. You could get an adult to read to you or with you, if the words are too tricky! We hope they answer some questions you may have and make you feel less worried.

For younger readers, we have:
Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus…a nurse Dotty book.


For older readers, we have:
Coronavirus- A book for children by E. Jenner, K. Wilson & N. Roberts. Illustrated by Alex Scheffler


ASL Home Learning

Hello Mrs Dorricott’s and Mrs Anderson’s Literacy groups,

Sending you some ideas to help you revise the sounds work we have been learning, in our groups, if you feel like it!

You can tune in to YouTube to watch video clips for all of Sets 1,2 and 3 sounds on Read,Write,Inc. You can ask an adult to help you get started. The videos cover speed sounds, word time and spelling along with Storytime, 3 days a week. The schedule tells you which day and time each sound is covered. We have also added Green & Red words Powerpoints for you to try reading/ could ask someone at home to try Partner Practise with you.😊 Don’t forget a celebration. Have Fun!

P2- Set 1 (YouTube and Red words)
P3- review Set 1 and start Set 2 (YouTube, Green & Red words)
P4-7- review Set 2 and start Set 3 (YouTube, Green & Red words)

red words 1

red words 2

red words 3

RWInc Set 1 2 and 3 lessons

green words set 2

green words set 3