P5U Teacher update 03/04/20

Hello – Bonjour – Witaj – Szia – Salaam Alaikum

How are you all doing P5U? I’ve been thinking about everyone and hoping you’re all safe and well. Bet you’re impressing the grown ups at home with your times tables and spelling. Some of you might be helping to cook meals or getting stuck in with chores around the house. Whatever you’re up to just try to make it fun. You might be missing your friends and family you can’t see just now, so try to stay in touch by phone or with messages.

Here’s a riddle for you to try at home. We’ve played this in class so you’ll know there are loads of things it could be. I’m thinking of an answer and my cat will guard it for now. Why not think of as many things as you can and write a list? Post a photo on Facebook and I’ll have a look to see if anyone gets the answer I’m thinking of right now. Here’s your one and only clue:

I can be hot and cold. What am I?

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay safe and keep smiling : )

Miss Farnan

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