P2P Teacher update 03/04/20

Hello P2P!

How are you all? I’m missing seeing you and hearing your news!

I am having fun watching the Edinburgh Zoo live webcams. Today Yang Guang the panda is eating lots of bamboo and looking very cute. The koalas are sound asleep as usual!

On the two penguin cams I am trying to spot some of the different penguins (rockhopper, king and gentoo) that we learned about on the P2 trip to the zoo. The penguins all look very busy.


If you are looking for something to keep you busy, can you draw a picture  of your favourite animal? Or draw one of the animals that we saw at the zoo … maybe a penguin, panda, flamingo or monkey?

Can you spot the differences between these two the monkey pictures?

There are five to find!

Stay safe and keep on smiling P2P!

Miss Douglas  

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