Nursery Team update 03/04/20

Hi everyone,

It feels so long since we have seen you all.  I hope you’ve been finding lots of fun ways to keep busy.  Have you been helping around the house? Drawing? Or maybe playing some games?

I really miss seeing you all every day in nursery! I’m trying to keep busy too; I’ve done some baking and gardening but My favourite part of each day has been a morning walk with my family and our dog ‘Minnie’ – it’s nice to get some exercise and fresh air while the sun has been shining.  We have been enjoying spotting the lovely rainbows people have been putting in their windows. Have you seen any while youve been out for a walk? Or maybe you’ve made your own? We would love to see them! I know so many of you create lovely rainbows with paints and pencils at nursery.

It’s time for the Easter holidays and I know it maybe doesn’t feel like it at the moment but maybe you have some activities planned like an Easter egg hunt, some craft or some messy play? Gloop is nice and easy and so much fun (and easy to clean haha) this is a link to a recipe if you’d like to use it..

Remember and keep an eye on our nursery Facebook page where we are posting regular updates and ideas for home learning.  You can also send in any pictures or photos you’d like to share with us.

I hope your all safe & well at home,  

Miss Shanley & the nursery team

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