P7 Teacher update 26/3/20

Hi Primary 7 😊

Thought I’d write you a little letter to see how you’re all getting on so far. Hopefully most of you will be doing me proud and reading this letter whilst wearing your PJs! 😉

If you are dressed for the day, well done (I am definitely wearing my favourite onesie as I’m writing this)!

I am sure you have all felt a bit bored over the last few days and you might even have been… (dare I say it?) missing school! Your Home Learning Packs should be keeping you busy during the daytime though. I’d love to see some of the work you’ve managed to do so far & it’d be great to hear from you as well. If you can, will you send a photo of a piece of home learning you’ve completed to the school email address? It’s admin@craigroyston-pri.edin.sch.uk. Make sure you send it from your parent’s email account please!

If you have been feeling a bit under the weather, make sure you rest and look after yourself. There’s no pressure for anyone to finish every single task, they are there to keep you all going and should be quite fun too! I am absolutely dying to know if any of you have read chapter 14 of The Chamber of Secrets yet, there’s lots in there that won’t be in the movie remember! Don’t forget to pick up your novel and take some chill-time with the next chapter – the next few chapters are the most exciting in the book!

Remember to make sure you are being kind to your families. It’s very normal to feel a bit extra frustrated with the people in your home as you’re spending lots of extra time with everyone at the moment, but a little kind act each day will go a long way and will make your families feel really good!

Just before I go for now, here is a super activity you can all try at some point over the next few days. It’s a Harry Potter escape room! As I’m writing this, it would be Laptop Time in our class, so I thought you guys would enjoy giving this a go! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflNxNM0jzbZJjUqOcXkwhGTfii4CM_CA3kCxImbY8c3AABEA/viewform

Finally, I saw this funny meme the other day and it instantly made me think of the Disco at P7 camp. Why don’t you all have a listen to the song and have a wee boogie to it? I’ll be doing the same & practising my Scottish accent at the same time! Poor Mr Armstrong having to cope with that eh?!

Here’s the song in case you didn’t realise who those guys are at the bottom of the photo!  The Proclaimers: 500 Miles.

Speak soon!

Mrs Armstrong 😊

P.S) As a little challenge, try and find out what the Hogwart’s school motto means when you translate it! It’s written under the Hogwart’s school crest (at the top of the page and in tiny letters!)

It’s ‘Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus.’ Why don’t you make a poster explaining what it means with a picture to go with it?! It will be a funny picture that’s for sure! Have fun!

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