P6D – Teacher update 26/3/20

Dear Primary 6D!

I hope you are all doing okay at home and are keeping yourselves busy! I have been looking at Sumdog and I am so happy to see that some of you have logged on and started the Spelling, Reading and Maths challenges that I have set for you. Well done!

There will be some days that you don’t have a lot of motivation to do your tasks, this is okay too. Here are some of my top tips:

  • Be helpful – find out where you can help around your house
  • Be kind – try and do something kind for someone each day while you’re at home.
  • Stay active – stay as active as you can, fresh air always helps. Try timing yourself running for 15 minutes or walking outside for 30.
  • Learn about what interests you – learn how to make Mac and Cheese and write it down, learn the lyrics to a Billie Eilish song and recreate it, create a new YouTube video different to those you have done so far and write to someone teaching them how to make their own, learn a new art style, draw cats! Make a chess board and play! And read, read, read!

New activity: Write a letter to the NHS thanking them for their hard work during this time or create a poster for the NHS or video yourself thanking the NHS.

You are all doing so well, and I know that you are all trying your best. I am always thinking of you and missing you all so much! I have included your last ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate to remind you of just how respectful, ambitious, resilient and empathetic you all are.

Keep up this great attitude. I will speak to you all again soon.

Miss Dunne.

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