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‘Risky Play’ in the Early Years

The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.” – Roald Dahl

Our children in the early years setting are developing a variety of different skills when exploring ‘risky play’.  Activities such as climbing, sliding, balancing, jumping from heights and hanging upside down can be considered as risky.  They have the opportunity to use a variety of loose parts to create and build, giving them the resources they need, to do what they want to and where they can invent and construct challenging and imaginary environments.

Involvement in risky play gives children the opportunity to assess risks and manage situations.  Children are taking risks, which in turn lead to new learning experiences, such as walking, running, climbing and riding a bike.  Risky play gives children the opportunity to extend their limits and learn life skills. Success and failure provide children with the motivation to try again and work out different ways of doing things.

The children are creating  a ‘Risky Play’ floor book which will be available for parent/careers to look at in the nursery entrance hall.

“I climbed up really high with my hands, easy!”

“I was sliding and climbing, it was hard.”002

“I was trying to get on the tyres, it wasn’t easy but I did it.”011

“Balancing along that thing, it was easy peasy.”016


“I was hammering needles, being safe.”039

“Putting all the nails in there, using a hammer, being careful.”046