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Nursery Trips to Pilton Retreat at Ratho

The nursery children from both the morning and afternoon sessions had so much fun on our day trips to the Pilton Retreat in Ratho on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

We had lots of opportunities to explore the variety of activities available, learning to explore the outdoor environment  and appreciate the wonder of nature.  We were able  to manage and control our bodies well and share space when exploring all the different equipment……

Large climbing frame, twirly chute, roundabout, swings, wheeled toys, donut wheel, playhouse, tyre swing, seesaw, and especially the flying fox.

All the children have taken home their own evaluation sheet to share with their parents about their trip and share their experiences and comments.

Fischy Music Community Choir

FeelingGood Screen (Medium)

Sing to make you feel good!

Whatever age you are – singing with other people will help you feel more relaxed, confident and healthy, as well as being great fun.

Why not give your all-new community choir a go – it’s open to school pupils and staff, parents, and local people. No singing skill or experience needed. Choir members help choose the music – rock, pop, folk… anything goes! You’ll be amazed at how good you can sound. Each choir will work towards performing a fantastic annual concert with a professional live band.

It’s FREE to attend, and the group style will be fun and informal. Sessions will be led by an experienced professional singing coach.  They are open to adults and children from Primary 4 and above (school children will need permission from parents or carers if they want to come along).

Craigroyston Primary Gym Hall

Tuesdays during term time: 3.10 – 4.10pm