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Dads Rock at Craigroyston Nursery

We were lucky enoough to have Dads Rock come to the nursery today for the morning and afternoon session and the children listened well to an exciting story and sang some amazing songs with Barry and his guitar.



We are hoping to have Dads Rock come along to take part in a singalong session with the children and their parents on Friday 16 December 2016…..more information to follow!

Dads Rock run free playgroups sessions for dads and kids every Saturday at WHALE arts, The Prentice Centre & The Venchie from 10-11.30am and also at 6VT Edinburgh City Youth Cafe on Sundays from 11-12.30pm.

Christmas Dates


2nd December

Assembly for P1 – P3 (9.00am)

3rd December

School Fair 10.00am – 2.00pm

6th December

P6 and P7 at NEA Primary School Musical

Afternoon performance of Nativity at 1.45pm

7th December

Evening Peformance of Nativity at 6.00pm

8th December

Panto in school

FAST Celebration

13th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P3 (with Parents, held in school)

P3 and P4 Christmas Lunch

14th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P2 (with Parents, held in school)

P3 to NEA

P1 and P2 Christmas Lunch

P4 and P5 Christmas Party

P6 and P7 to the High School

15th December

Scottish Gas Christmas Event P1 (with Parents, held in school)

P6 and P7  Christmas Afternoon /Party

19th December

P5 Filmhouse to see Trolls

P3 Party

20th December

P5, P6 and P7 Christmas Lunch

P2 Party

21st December

Nursery AM Party

Nursery PM Party

P1 Party

22nd December

School closes 12.00 Noon

P3 & P6 Book Week Buddies

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P3 have been reading and writing with their P6 Book Week Buddies. P6 came to read us a story. Then they helped us to share our favourite parts and say why.

Travis – My favourite part was when the mouse scared the Gruffalo’s child. I like reading with the P6’s because they helped to read the story.

Ivan – When the P6’s helped us to write about the story and what happened, and our favourite part.

Damien – I liked Zog because all the people from the Gruffalo were in it.

Michael – I liked drawing my favourite part with the P6’s.

Lily – Megan had a loud reading voice which I liked.

Lilli – I liked the P6’s taking turns to read Stick Man

Aaron – The P6’s made it really fun because they read Robot Rumpus in a funny voice!



Primary 4S Trip to the Cinema

Today P4S went on an outing to the Vue cinema at the Omni centre to watch The Good Dinosaur.Staff were impressed with the good behaviour and everyone had a great time!

“The film was amazing!” Ava

“It was exciting!” Rehema

“It was fun!” Aiden

“There were sad and happy parts,” Zach

We reviewed the film when we got back to school.  P4S came to the conclusion that the overall message was to be resilient and keep on going even when things seem hard. We gave the film 5 stars!