Daily Archives: September 30, 2016

‘People Who Help Us’ visit the Nursery

We have been exploring the different roles people play in our local community and how they can help us. We had an exciting visit from the ambulance service.


The paramedics demonstrated how to perform CPR and we had a chance to try for ourselves.  We also learned about ‘Save a LIfe Scotland’.

We had lots of fun role playing in our hospital


Children’s quotes – “A nurse she helps people”. “The ambulance helps people when their legs are broken”.


Parent and Carer Meeting

The PCA met on Friday 16th September 2016.


Jane Andrew our chair, welcomed about fifteen parents and carers along to the meeting.


The PCA have agreed to fund the Hopscotch panto. This will be in school on Thursday 8th December. The cost for this is £625.

Two flutes, one clarinet and a saxaphone have been purchased for the school band. This allows all P7s to learn a musical instrument if they wish. The cost for this £472.

Book Festival

Every year P2,P4 and P6 visit the International Book Festival. This means that every child has the opportunity to hear a famous author at least three times during their time in primary school. Transport costs can be high. The PCA have agreed to use some of their funds to pay for the buses. The buses cost around £325. This will mean that the Book Festival visit will be kept as low as possible.

Mud Kitchen – Nursery are installing a mud kitchen and the PCA will help with this work and costs.

Parent / Carer Concerns

Road Safety

Parents have raised concerns about irresponsible parking near the school. It is feared that this could lead to a child being seriously injured. The PCA have met with PC Tony Lawrence and will be organising a Safety Campaign after the October Break.

Bullying/Playground aggression

The school would like to work closely with parents and the community to address concerns around bullying and aggression. The school will be undertaking more work to support children to differentiate between rough play, falling out with the their friends and bullying. The school Playground Charter will be launched on 14th October. It is also planned to offer parents /carers advice on Cyberbullying.

Raising a concern

Parents can raise general concerns with the PCA but specific concerns relating to their child should be discussed directly with the school.


The PCA are organising a disco on Thursday 27th October 2016. The DJ is booked.

P1-P3        5.30pm – 6.45pm  No masks to be worn at disco.

P4-P7      7.15pm – 8.30pm

Tickets are £2. This includes entry, crisps, drinks and a goody bag.

Christmas Fair

This will be held on Saturday 3rd December.

The next meeting of the PCA is Friday 18th November at 9am.