Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

How to make a spinner by P3

We learned how to make a Spinner today with Mr Blair from the Craft, Design and Technology department.


Mr Blair showed us how to draw round a hexagon template to make our spinner- HannahIMG_0413

Mr Blair showed us how to join up the lines with a ruler. – Lennan

You had to be careful not to make the lines wobbly. – Ricsi


Mr Blair cut off the ends with the band saw! – Lewis

Next, we rubbed our spinners on sandpaper, to get all the little spiky bits off. – Mia


We sharpened the bit of wood so that it could fit in the hole. – Drew

Mr Blair’s helper’s Joe, TJ, and Brian helped us to make the holed in our spinners – Reece.


Joe helped us hammer in the spinner wood – Judy



Here are all of our (nearly) finished Spinners! – Faith

We tested out our spinners. They were really good. – Rose and Lennan

I liked in colouring the spinner in lots of different colours. – Alexa

I liked watching Mr Blair cutting the sides off the spinners.  – Zach

I enjoyed seeing the holes being made in the spinners – Emily