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Welcome Message from the Headteacher

Lorna Stewart, Headteacher of Craigroyston Primary School

Welcome to the Craigroyston Primary Website.

I am Lorna Stewart the Headteacher and I am looking forward to using this site to tell you all about the fantastic learning and teaching going on at Craigroyston Primary. I’ll also use it to keep you up to date with what you need to know about our school and community.

We work hard to ensure that all our children are given the support and encouragement needed to do well in school. We are proud of all that we have achieved and know that with the support of our families we can achieve even more for our children.

The website will be updated regularly with the class websites being written by the children. They have also chosen what they want to tell you about. There are some interesting choices!

We welcome feedback and comments from parents and carers. Please feel contact me if you wish to discuss any matters related to the school and its community.

Lorna Stewart

P3S – Old Edinburgh

Welcome to P3S. We like to work hard and concentrate. We like it to be quiet when we are working. We love practising our maths skills using Sumdog on the laptops and the iPads. We love reading because it makes us smarter and helps our brains grow! We like doing work in pairs and have fun helping each other.

We have really enjoyed learning about Old Edinburgh for our Topic. We learned about what the Old Town was like in the 1600’s.


We printed our own Old Town Tenement Houses.

The houses were very close to each other and since they didn’t have toilets, the used buckets and shouted “Gardy Loo!” when they threw their waste out of the window. Did you know that there is an extinct volcano under the castle?


We had lots of fun making Plague Doctor masks.

We also found out about the Plague Doctors who went house to house helping people who were ill. They had scary masks but they were filled with herbs and flowers to ward off the plague smells. We had great fun making and performing a play called “A Visit from the Plague Doctor”

P7 – Responsible Citizens


Welcome to Primary 7, our class are very proud of the role we play at Craigroyston Primary School.  We stand out from the rest of the school because of our jade jumpers, they represent that we are responsible citizens who carry out many important tasks in the school.

We have house captains wear special badges, they help their house celebrate success with parties each term.

If you see us wearing red caps and vests it shows we are playground buddies, we are specially trained playground assistants who ensure that no one is left out in our playground and everyone has a fun game to play.

Alongside all our responsibilities we also have time for lots of fun and learning.  This year we have visited and been visited by the Festival and Kings theatre, we made our own news report at Sky Studios, , we have learned about our environment and the wider world by visiting the zoo, with a visit from the zoo bus, a visit from The Dogs Trust and the SSPCA.

We also work closely with our community partners and have been visited by Spartans Football Club who carried out training as part of the School of Football, The Community Police to help keep us safe and we have worked closely with Fettes College who visit us through Place 2 Be.

You can see Primary 7 are very busy but we still have managed to squeeze in a trip to camp.  This year we went to Lochgoilhead where we took part in lots of walking and water sports.

Primary 7 are always on the go.

P5 – Friendship Wall

DSCF9595 (2)In P5 this term our Science topic has been looking at investigating what makes things float. We have really enjoyed doing lots of experiments with water to learn about how shape, density and up thrust affect an object’s buoyancy.

This term we have also started a Friendship Wall. Every Monday we pick a ‘Secret Friend’, to keep an eye on for the rest of the week and on a Friday we write down one thing we have noticed our friend making a huge effort with.

P1P – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

IMG_0027Primary 1P enjoyed reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. The story started with an egg which hatched into a caterpillar. The caterpillar ate and ate and ate and then built a cocoon around itself and turned into a beautiful butterfly. We used different red and green materials to make a giant caterpillar. We created symmetrical butterflies using folded card and coloured paint. It was great fun!